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Why You Need Lawyers Choice

Professional liability, EPLI and Cyber Liability, insurance products are complicated. You are buying a promise of protection for your law firm that could make or break your firm’s financial stability. Choosing the right insurance broker for your firm is key to gaining access to, and securing the coverages that will protect and ensure the longevity of your firm. Lawyers Choice brokers search for and secure the right policy for your firm every year. We compare rates and coverages and present those to our clients to secure the coverage that best fits each client’s specific needs.

It is our duty and commitment to our clients to make this process as easy and stress free as possible. Our industry professionals will market your firm to the insurance carriers with whom we have built a solid relationship to get exceptional coverages and rates. We give our clients multiple choices at every renewal providing the opportunity for clients to make changes as needed over the life of their firm.

Our clients benefit substantially from working with our skilled brokers who have great expertise in making the complex simple and easy to understand. We know our clients only think about insurance once a year – so we never simply send a quote without taking the time to explain the often-complex insurance terms contained therein and how they can impact coverage. This keeps our client firms informed and allows them to make smart and informed decisions about the coverages they purchase. Our purpose is to evaluate your insurance needs and match you with the best carrier that offers the coverage your firm needs so that a claim will never damage your firm.

Of course, you could spend time researching and becoming a quick study of the insurance field. However, that time could be better spent serving your legal clients. Our brokers are your advocates to not only make sure your coverage is sufficient and affordable, but to also be there for you when you have questions interpreting coverage, when to report a claim and what you can do to reduce your risk of a claim.

Lawyers Choice, LLC will discuss which types of claims are covered under your policy before you need to submit the claim to the insurance carrier. Our access to pre-claim hotlines also places you at an advantage to have your claim accepted and settled as soon as possible.

Our knowledge and expertise comes with our representation as your insurance broker. The often-confusing aspects of professional liability insurance, EPLI and Cyber Insurance is easier when you have a partner familiar with the process.

Don't Wait A Moment Longer To Guarantee Your Firm Is Protected.

We have a knowledgeable team ready and capable of evaluating your law firm and securing the insurance protection you need. By helping you understand the insurance market, current trends and coverages available to your firm, we know you will feel more confident in making the final decisions about what coverages to purchase.