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Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance (LPL) for Firms Practicing Cannabis Law.

Due to various legal complexities, law firms involved in even 1% of the cannabis industry are encountering numerous obstacles when acquiring Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance, Business Owners or Workers Compensation Policies. Many carriers still find too much risk involved due to the lack of precedent, and the opposing positions between the federal and state government.

In order to obtain coverage, several firms are operating under the risky “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy when it comes to disclosing any areas of practice involving cannabis. Along with checking applications, carriers are now going to the attorneys’ website to verify that they do not practice cannabis law.

If your law firm performs even 1% of cannabis work, and does not have any claims or they are small, along with a minimal disciplinary history, and has 1-10 attorneys, you qualify for this incredible policy from our A+ XV; non-admitted, nationwide carrier. If you feel that your firm will not qualify for this program, please call us at (720) 226-9423, as we do have other options available.

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